Cony Jitsy Mora Carron


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Cony Mora - Real Estate Agent

About Cony Jitsy Mora Carron

Real Estate Agent, Professional in Marketing and Advertising, committed to my personal and work projects, I consider myself a responsible, creative person, with good values and principles, I emphasize my teamwork and high focus on achievement, highly receptive to instructions and indications of my leaders and colleagues of work without losing my initiative and willingness to face new challenges.

I have great skills and management in attention and service to internal and external customers. I consider myself a professional who knows how to negotiate, convince, and defend creative proposals as well as a good ability to adapt to the environment and market changes.

I have experience in the management and guidelines of brand and corporate identity, organization of events, management of social networks, and web content, in the latter, I have led the realization of a new web portal from its content, functionality, design, and user journey. I have successful management and negotiations with advertising providers and marketing agencies and experience choosing, quoting, and purchasing POP material, designing, and conceptualizing advertising pieces "flyers, banners, business cards, brochures, posters, billboards, calendars, stationery commercials, etc.”
In strategic issues, I developed market studies such as competition analysis, service surveys, development of marketing plans, and the annual budget. Design, planning, and execution of advertising and audiovisual campaigns, CEO administration, and analysis of corporate websites.

All this background gave me the experience to make a great relationship with my clients and be a great sales agent.